Value Engineering

Proper engineering has always been a necessary step to ensure that facility systems meet expectations. Our value engineering team employs a logical and scientific thought process to determine an appropriate solution to your facility requirements.

We believe the goal of an engineering assignment is to clearly deliver an end result that exceeds customer expectations. And we have found that our proactive, forward-thinking design and value engineering construction approach delivers on that goal.

Our facilities engineering solution always begins with conceptual design services. This phase is the most critical as it clarifies the project's requirements (including your goals) and then determines the most practical solution. We can assess HVAC electrical and electrical design systems performance.

The construction experience, design expertise, and problem-solving skills of our engineering staff mean we can successfully navigate around and work through unforeseen challenges, ultimately allowing the project to remain on schedule and reduce the overall cost of the project.

Engineering consulting with Hyre Electric helps clients optimize facilities investments and solve performance problems. We design and implement strategies and systems that will give you maximum efficiency, tangible cost savings, and extended equipment life.

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